Oxifree application training
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Welcome to Orbis

Orbis Asset Integrity Ltd is introducing a new environmentally friendly organic Thermoplastic anti-corrosion coating system called Oxifree, which can be applied to any surface and resolve a wide range of corrosion issues throughout many industries. Unlike paint, Oxifree can be removed very quickly when needed and incredibly, can be re-used. The benefits to clients are huge in terms of long term cost savings, no waste product and no environmental issues.

The Management of Orbis has over 60 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas, Civil Engineering and Marine Sectors. Over that time the team has built up an enviable network of contacts throughout industry Worldwide from which to draw on.

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Protect your assets

"US$1.8 trillion, the annual cost of corrosion worldwide is over 3% of the worlds GDP"

These figures reflect only the direct cost of corrosion, essentially materials, equipment and services involved with repair, maintenance and replacement. It does not include environmental damage, waste of resources, loss of production or personal injury resulting from corrosion.

Corrosion analysts have concluded that 20 to 25% of that annual cost can be saved by applying corrosion control technologies at a saving of $325 to 360 billion. (Extract from NACE, National Association Of Corrosion Contractors)

Orbis Group of Companies

Orbis Personnel Integrity is full e-Commerce online shop for sale of the full range of the most innovative and technologicaly advanced safety gloves - HEXARMOR. These gloves range from the Cut, Needle Proof, Palm Enhanced, Puncture Proof and the Ultimate Industry Leading Impact Safety Gloves

Oxifree TM198 Product Sales

oxifree_ecoOxifree TM198 is a unique new eco-friendly sprayable organic Thermoplastic coating system which is fully reusable and can be applied to and resolve a wide range of corrosion issues throughout many industries.

Orbis Group of Companies


Orbis Rope Access supply multi disciplined rope access teams to industry both here in the UK and abroad.

All our rope access personnel are trained and qualified through the IRATA training scheme which ensures thorough training and independent assessment to a high level. In addition, our technicians are required to complete an in house trade test before being employed by the Company.

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