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Food Industry

The food industry suffers with water ingress into the likes of bearings, gearboxes and electrical motors due to the fact that power washing with water occurs on a very regular basis.  Oxifree is designed to stop this from happening.

Case Studies:

Food Processing Sector (1)

We were asked by a client to apply Oxifree to their bearing housings to protect them against contamination so as to avoid premature wear / damage, extending the useful life of the bearings. This contamination was due to particles penetrating deep inside the housings resulting in the bearing houses being replaced 2-3 times during the season of production, therefore generating substantial operational costs. 
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Food Processing Sector (2)

We were contracted to apply Oxifree to their bearing housings and electric motors to protect them against water contamination from the frequent pressure washing of their facilities. Since being applied the client has not suffered any downtime due to water ingress again. They are 100% happy with the application. 
(View PDF Case Study)