Oxifree application training
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Storage & Preservation

Orbis Asset Integrity Ltd offer the perfect solution to protect your equipment whilst in storage or transit. Coat everything in Oxifree TM198 and you will not have any corrosion issues no matter where the items are stored or under what conditions.

As an example, a Wellhead Manufacturer manufactures a new Wellhead with associated equipment and stores them outside in their yard whilst waiting for transport halfway round the world by ship.  Items arrive onsite and the customer discovers that moisture has caused corrosion on some of the critical sealing areas.  What happens next? The Customer is not happy and rejects the items as not being stored and protected adequately during transport and delivery. The Manufacturer has to replace or refurbish the items at great cost or possibly even lose the contract to supply. If Oxifree TM198 had been used this would not have happened.

Once an item is encapsulated with Oxifree TM198 it can be stored safely for many years if necessary in any conditions inside or outside.

Any item of equipment can be encapsulated and be fully protected from corrosion be it small or large. Remember that the coating can be safely removed with a knife and re-used again provided it has not suffered any contamination.