Oxifree application training
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Paul Jackson- Managing Director

paul-jackson_c1Paul started work as an engineering apprentice with the Atomic Energy Authority and then joined Shell at Stanlow Refinery in the early 70's. He then worked in the Middle East with a major oil field contractor working in the desert of Qatar and offshore Dubai.

He then went on to re-join Shell International for the next 32 years working in Nigeria, Southern North Sea, Oman, Syria, Egypt, Russia and Cameroon. Most of his career has been in the sub surface side of the industry both offshore and onshore but for the last 4 years has been the Offshore Installation Manager for Pecten (Shell) Cameroon. 

He retired from Shell when they sold their controlling interests in Pecten and joined the new owners as a consultant.  This has also enabled him to form Orbis Asset Integrity Ltd in parallel with his consultancy work.

During his long career within the oil industry he knows the effect of corrosion and how much damage and expense it causes.  When introduced to Oxifree he immediately saw what a great product it was and could see what an impact it will make within his own area of expertise and in many other industries.

Prior to forming Orbis Paul has used his extensive list of colleagues and contacts from over the years and has drawn on some of their expertise to evaluate the Oxifree product.  A few of these contacts are and have been very senior within the corrosion engineering / inspection sectors and with their input have backed the use of Oxifree as a long term solution to fighting corrosion.

Based on this he has extensively invested in Orbis and now with his growing team have a distributorship license to both market, sell, train and apply Oxifree.